Of all the medical advice for seasoned citizens to follow to make the best of the time we have left, practice social distancing, is as dismal as it is essential. Age and stage already separates us old folks routinely from people and places!

Yet, with COVID-19, we may need to avoid the very places — and PEOPLE — that are our social venues!

practice social distancing

Give Up This? Oh No! Okay . . . sigh.

What’s worse: No hugs either! (See a CBS Sunday Morning link on the power of a child’s hugs.)

Good grief! Who saw this coming?

The proverbial Sunday school answer is GOD.

Yep . . . warnings proliferate, as  wishful thinking waxes, that trouble won’t knock at our door. God, however, knows the end from the beginning. (Luke 12:6-7)

Five years ago, I shrugged off fears of communal infection; four years ago, I did not! Trouble we never expected, knocked! (New Understanding Of Old Advice)

Hence, we had an unplanned hiatus from life as we knew it.

If an unseasonal hibernation is in our cards – and maybe yours, too, dear reader— what’s the plan?

A Facebook meme made an important introduction, coupling a lovely painting, and Sister Corita Kent’s advice:

Practice Social Distancing


(An online collection of the good sister’s work is worth perusing.)

She is right.

Doing and making are acts of hope, and as that hope grows, we stop feeling overwhelmed by the troubles of the world.

I painted most of the day yesterday, and returned to my brushes after worship this morning. Plus, have we have MUSIC!

practice social distancingAccordingly, if the practice of social distancing may be in our future, perhaps through mid April – let’s encourage ourselves:

  • First, with gratitude that He who is God knew we would need help, especially in these interesting times that are today. (Isaiah 43 God understands our prayers even when we can’t find the  words to say them. ~St. Paul, paraphrased
  • Second, social media keeps connections solid with friends and family for the time being. You can also write a letter! 
  • Third, I bet you have a Bible somewhere . . . read and enjoy. There is no place better to go than to Him who is the God of our gray hairs , enhanced or natural.

Finally, practicing social distancing has another upside: you may have time to read some of these links!


practice social distancing



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