The prednisone continues working, and so does a pithy proverb Keep Calm and Carry On.

Because the meds mask any trace of joint pain, I move more quickly than I have in a decade! But my energy level isn’t ten years younger! Nevertheless, I can keep calm, write and paint, and carry on, right?

You, dear reader, know well that these are tense times—times that can ruffle a girl’s calm and impede her progress.

Maryland has three confirmed cases of the Coronovirus, COVID-19, and is on high alert. High Alert is a heart-racing designation for any event, right?

All kinds of emotions are on high alert because we face a threat worldwide and no “cure” or preventative is available.

Keep Calm and Carry On, has never been truer and more necessary proverb to preach . . .  to myself  and practice.

When I heard, Those who are elderly, or have underlying health issues face greater risks from the Coronovirus, and when I admit I am elderly (but cute) I quake a bit.

Keep calm, old bird, and carry on.

keep calmThen, when I spied in our local grocery store that disinfectant wipes and Clorox are sold out,   I realized maybe younger people are quaking a bit, too. How best to share my little proverb?


So, when I watched the press questioning the leaders of the task force on COVID-19, and listened to the questions, I thought a few reporters seemed to distrust what the task force reported.

Shades of my youth: Never trust anybody over thirty.

Whew! I realized some journalists don’t get that this health emergency is not so predictable, or containable.

Come on guys: Let’s all keep calm and help each other carry on!

These are uncertain days – those who lead us are cut from the same cloth we are – and none of us have all the answers; nor are those whom we do not trust unworthy of respect.

Can we take a breath?

Stephen King reminds us how quickly new normals can arrive:

keep calm

Now, when we take that breath:

If you need grace, give it. You never know what someone else may be going through in that moment they bother you or do something that may offend you. Be kind. Start with grace. Start with giving the benefit of the doubt. ~ Tony Evans

Keep Calm, and, Carry on . . .

keep calm

Painting on Prednisone

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