My kids and husband could tell you, I have a hard time reining in my reactions when some people are just being who they are . . . I can become some hypercritical, hypocritical crank.

Losing my charm, barely communicates how I blew it recently.


On our road trip going and coming, we encountered a half dozen or so young people clerking in fast food and gas stations. In each case, these young people had not been properly educated, trained – or supervised.

  • One clerk, an American, was unwilling to brew a fresh pot of coffee;
  • another American could not count back proper change, when we gave him $10.32 for a check of $4.32.
  • The donut holes we purchased were rancid.
  • Then, two attendants at a Dallas gas station did not speak enough English for basic communication, and could not understand how to use the credit card machine to give me a receipt for the gas I charged.

Patience and compassion were not my first emotional responses; annoyance was what I chose not to restrain.

Everything I write about learning patience, being gracious, long-suffering, compassionate . . . where was the fruit of the important lessons I say I am learning?


Up in the smoke that was steaming out of fury I was feeling of being poorly served.Sifting through the ashes of my hot-headed responses, the biggest burning ember truly was labeled “SELF.” I wasn’t getting my money’s worth of services and goods.

Nowadays — that is worse than stupid.

How would the Proverbs 31woman — one knowledgeable about buying and selling —  have handled receiving poor service, or stale goods? Well, she wasn’t commended for conscientious writing – but for speech and deeds that magnified God. Her example offers a better plan than one I chose:

She opens her mouth in wisdom,

            And the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.


When I open my mouth, kindness is supposed to be on my tongue – not curtness.

Sigh . . . God doesn’t go ballistic when I can’t or won’t go out of my way to serve someone; He doesn’t disparage my ignorance. He gives me opportunities to rest in Him — and maybe be an example of grace under pressure. He put me in the midst of several chances to show I understand He is great, good and gracious and meets my needs even if I get stiffed on “purchases.”

If anyone could have interviewed those clerks after I let them know of my irritation, would they have jumped at the opportunity to meet the God I say I know? Or, sign up for this blog?

  • Temper tantrums, however fun they may be to throw, rarely solve whatever problem is causing them. ~Lemony Snicket

Our son suggested, I write the companies whose franchise supervisors may not be equipping the employees properly – and I know that praying for those kids is a better use of time than pontificating about their ineptness. God knows the people who have seen some of my performances and prayed rather than preached.


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