Readers who write me after reading my blog  often point me to answers to prayers I hadn’t realized I prayed.

Case in point: This morning a friend read of my tension and described how another friend was able to sign her up in person at the M&T Ravens Stadium in Baltimore.

I paused: Drive 30 miles in the rain into an unknown venue, and amongst all the crowds I’ve tried to avoid for a year just to sign up for a vaccine?

I am not doing that! I said to myself, settling back down to the online search for a COVID vaccine, praying for an appointment.

But after six or seven more attempts to register for a shot on-line, I figured maybe God meant for me to  follow the simple advice I was given: Put your big-girl pants on and do it!


So, Doug and I hustled off to Baltimore in a downpour; off on the longest adventure we have had in one year we were!  Because of the promise that I could sign up for others, I quickly texted some silver saints who have not been able to get a vaccine.

No response . . . as I headed into the Ravens arena,  masked and determined to register myself, but oh so nervous.  I mean it has been almost a year since I had been this far from home – or surrounded by so many strangers . . . young masked strangers.

Not to Worry

All around those strangers were friendly volunteers and National Guard who directed my steps to a table staffed by welcoming folks, who asked for my license.

Then they asked me for my social security number.

Now, I have known that number since I was sixteen . . . but suddenly I couldn’t remember it! That was interesting to resolve – but resolve we did and I have an appointment! (Albeit weeks away.)

Excited, I headed back to the car – in the persistent rain – uncertain who was hollering behind me. I kept walking until a young Guardsman who held out my driver’s license, caught up with me; in my excitement I had neglected to pick up.

Maybe I was an object lesson for so many young people on how to relate to nervous old people –

As I climbed back in the car, my phone buzzed, and my friend asked to please sign her up! She sent me the necessary info, and I headed back to sign her up.

Of course, I was stopped and asked why I was back; but when they understood my mission, the Guardsman ushered me back in. The staff’s eyes widened when they say me!

Oh No! Here she comes again!

But they were uncommonly kind and helpful. My friend now has a secure appointment!

Thank you for bearing with me, readers – Today was weirdly wonderful.

Doug, who had had his second shot on Friday, was in fine form to chauffer me. He and I had spent so much time trying to figure out all the available vaccine sites . . . which isn’t as much fun as it sounds.

Slowly it dawned on both of us that we had been shown a way to get an appointment, by way of a reader’s response. The hassle of traveling to Baltimore and the potential risk paled in comparison to the risk of me throwing a shoe at my computer if one more time a site announced it had appointments, made me answer a gauntlet of questions only to announce, just kidding we have no appointments! 

OK – they never said just kidding.

But the lesson of the day was two-fold:

  1. Keep my eyes open to ways that God is kindly leading me . . . especially if He is pointing to a path I am reluctant to travel.
  2. Don’t be nervous about finding myself outside my comfort zone. In these uncertain times, we are ALL outside our comfort zone.

So come a new week: be ready to cut everybody some slack, including myself. And keep praying.


Happy March 1, 2021

But God did listen! He paid attention to my prayer. Psalm 66:19

FYI: A Link to Lou Holtz

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