Asking God to Help Me Believe What I Have Seen for So Long

Reconsidering An Impossible Reality

Perhaps reconsidering a familiar visual, the crèche, was what I needed; although it is instantly recognizable to many of us, it is a seemingly impossible reality, and harder to explain — embrace – in these post-Christian days. I look at its figures – so serene and safe from the world’s tears, and I wonder: O God – is this true? How can it be? I sound like Zachariah: It’s impossible!

My impossible reality feels like I got a Happy Christmas card from God – I have my hands back! Let me explain:

A Little Background

I never thought about my hands until my skin stopped working and I have had quite a bout with something that spread from one hand to the other, splitting the skin on my fingertips and palms. Several doctors made different diagnoses and proposed treatments that didn’t work; some I didn’t try, like a pricey biologic. I got used to discomfort, embarrassment, and being told I would just have to live with it.

So, my skin’s healing — because of prayers and medicine — has been just like a happy Christmas card from God.

Enjoying Relief

Healing has taken a month; I am still at the stage of grateful amazement, maybe tinged with a sliver of unbelief, too! It’s impossible after four years: my hands still look old mature, but feel brand new!

A new doc diagnosed eczema and an infection; he gave me a triple whammy of relief: a steroid shot, high powered antibiotics and a steroid ointment. As he injected me, he said relief might come in two or three days.


I started feeling something immediately – let’s hear it for steroids! And answered prayer.

For all the science that went into my skin’s restoration, people have surely prayed for my skin’s healing: a magnificent confluence of God stirring up some people – who may not know Him –to be doctors and others, who do know Him, to be warriors — prayer warriors.

Looking now at our simple crèche, it dawns on me how little I actually know about a story I’ve heard for years. Christ – who came to save us from sins – is God with us, Emmanuel. And our God has many names.

One of His names is the God who heals, an attribute I forget in this autumnal season of life, when a lot of the wheels are falling off this old bus!

Thanking God for this respite, and remembering to pray for those who wait for His touch, I commend you to the One whose Name is Love. Love Came Down at Christmas.

O God I believe – Help, Thou my Unbelief! (Mark 9:24)

Thank You, thank You, thank You, Lord.

Praying that you and I will experience His kind help in all our burdens and sorrows, dear readers, and His companionship in all our joys! (Matthew 11, especially 27-28)

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