Courage Springs from a Bug

A positive side effect other the recent bout with the seasonal bug for so many weeks is I screwed up the courage to “do” art.

It’s daunting to see what I am capable of “creating.” I use the word creating advisedly because most of what I paint is after another artist’s work.


Two Weird Still Lifes

When I copy, I discover how limited my eye and hand coordination is; how poorly I can mix colors that come close to the artist’s palette. And how much fun I have!


Two Tulips

Painting, whether watercolors or acrylics, is like mastering a second language.

Duh. I am a master of the obvious, am I not?

Sometimes, while I don’t like being reminded what a dullard I am,  painting  is a great tonic. Pushing through the embarrassment of being an rank amateur, and trying to create is time well spent, whether painting, gardening, or writing.

What art offers is space — a certain breathing room for the spirit. ~John Updike

And who doesn’t need a little more breathing room these days?

Show some courage: Support the arts, especially in all our plans to educate our children!


Memories from Pigments

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