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An Exposed Heart

Yet Another Data Breach — Millions of Victims

News of another data breach resounds. This time Marriott has exposed us to danger.  The reality that hundreds of thousands of folks times 10 have had pertinent and personal information stolen shocks — again.

A bunch of Boy Scouts have not been  collecting this data!

I remember in the mid-1970’s when Doug and I first heard a banker friend speak of how the coming of credit-card would restructure the way we would pay for what we buy. We couldn’t fathom the proportions of the innovations. (Of course, I did not believe car phones would catch on either.)

In some ways, the changes in how we use money and information are as revolutionary to me, as changes in transportation may have seemed to my grandmother. She lived through the decades in which horsepower took on a completely new meaning; in which flying became routine.

Could she have fathomed the repercussions of all the data breaches – the theft of so much personal information, the exposure so much?

I still can’t.

Danger! Danger?

Without warning, my personal information might become available for criminals to misuse – misrepresent.  Having heard of others who have had to correct the troubles these nefarious hackers caused, I can’t imagine how to restore what is stolen and abused.

But, today’s meditation  today – the first Sunday in Advent – describes an exposé of more terrifying consequences — the possibility of God keeping a record of all my wrongs. (Psalm 130:3) I’d hate for all my thoughts, hidden sins and transgressions to fall into the wrong hands! Or, that  in His light all could see what a jerk and hypocrite I can be.

The wonder of Christmas – is that Christ came to cleanse, heal, and forgive the innermost sins, failures, and weaknesses.  We Were the Reason– for this terrific and terrifying season.

By His grace, and because of Christ’s suffering and death, God will not expose me. Nor, will He reject any who come to Him seeking restoration, while there is time.    (John 1:11-13)

 “Lord, I thank you for the joy of forgiveness. I remember the surprise of it. My guilt was like low-level chronic pain. When it was removed, I realized it had drained my life of joy and confidence. Let me remember my forgiveness so that I have a light heart that is quick to enjoy life and other people.” (The Songs of Jesus, Tim Keller, page 336)


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