Cold and Winds Damage, Confound

Ruminations on Weather

I offer some ruminations, in no particular order, based on the week’s fast changing weather.

March came in like a lamb, and changed its mind a few days later. Therefore, the tulip tree took quite a beating. Unseasonably warm weather had wooed its blossoms, and then CRUNCH! Plunging temperatures ended its bloom.

Wind also was a problem last week, as March decided to roar; trees toppled in some neighborhoods, and a branch perforated a woman’s leg.

On top of all the insane world news, and screwy political commentary, must I now see trees as possible enemies?

Our Health

So, outside chores remain on hold – as do the indoor ones, while our season of colds wanes and takes with it our good riddance! We are both glad to be upright and waving them off . . . with the few remaining tissues we have.

My Heart

On another note, Erma Bombeck wrote Children make your life important. A simple sentence of five words, which if we truly believed them, might make the news of the world easier to read.

These ruminations are disjointed, I know.  I feel like these times in which we live are like a puzzle box; it has been spilled out; but, the cover is mislaid, and I am missing a few straight edges . . . yet, I want to keep assembling it.

What do these times feel like to you?

It seems like a good use of time to reread Psalm 20.

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