What Smell Gives You Healing Hope

Restoring A Sense of Smell

Smell is a powerful sense. (Incredible Facts About Your Sense of Smell) I knew its connection to taste. But I had not understood its connection to healing and hope.

Now, my introduction to this connection is recent.

You may call me a convert, an enthusiast, and maybe almost a fanatic about my introduction. Here’s why:  diffusing essential oils has opened up my head that a cold buggie blocked. Moreover, combining citric aromas with decidedly medicinal ones has lifted my spirits, stirring memories of sipping icy cold water on a hot day, similarly infused with sliced oranges or limes.

Who knew?

Just being able to breathe in fragrant healing and feel my stuffy head clear has been sweet relief.

Makes Me Wonder

I wonder how the Lord Jesus smelled when He stopped  to heal a crippled woman, or spoke to the paralytic on the cot lowered through the ceiling? I think He would have smelled of earth and sweat; of wool and flax. To some He was the aroma of life . . . healing and hope in hopeless situations. To others, not so much.

As the risen Lord who steadied the apostle John in the first chapter of Revelation, verses 12-14, what smell permeated? I think it is the same fragrance of healing hope that flows from the Word.

Above the din that discourages, the sorrowful sights that dismay, and the stench of this world that sickens, may we  hear and see you, Lord Jesus, breathing deeply of Your grace so that we can embrace this crazy old world for whom you came — and be useful!  

Sing with me a new tune to a beloved old hymn, Breathe on Me Breath of God! And remember to breathe!

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