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some of the “Forensic Scientists

On Human Trafficking

We watched SILENT WITNESS— a long-running British forensic science series  on Britbox. 

We are long-time fans — but have learned to pace our selves.  It’s not wise to binge watch it! 

We watch a few episodes and then have to realign our brains and hearts.  The characters and story lines show viewers how forensic pathologists  discover how a body died. 

Tonight, we opened up the 2017 season and the two-part dramatization explored human trafficking in Great Britain. 

We saw how a few dozens humans wound up dead; mostly men, women and children whose lives were shockingly ended escaping the war in Syria. 

It also introduced us to characters playing those humans who profited and preyed on the misery of displaced persons(Link to info )


The problems have not disappeared. They are multiplying— Not just in Europe or  America.

 Here, for whatever reasons our elected representatives have fumbled reforms. ( AP on overview of Failed Reforms)  

Whew . . . Not sure what it is going to take to for a major overhaul. I know one: prayer —  like Nehemiah, who kept handy a sword and a trowel. 

For now, I am praying for creative examples of  cups of cold water. 

We Needn’t  Be a Silent Witness

For others are making ways for me and thee to offer cups of cold water!

I am thankful for people who give so much to stop what they can — and yes, within our government we have dedicated servants! 

Doug also helped me find ministries and organizations with servants’ hearts:

The PCA Immigrant and Refugee Ministry 

The El Paso and Juarez Border Initiative 

New City Fellowship Ministries

 The International Rescue Committee 

 WORLD Central Kitchens   

The Orphan Grain Train 

 Samaritan’s Purse   

International Justice Mission 

You probably know many more servants and organizations. 

Back to the Artists 

Meanwhile,  I am thankful for the writers and actors who made some seemingly overwhelming and intractable problems understandable in two episodes of a crime drama. 

Like one of the characters who exclaimed when seeing the bodies of those who hoped to escape one hell not of their making, but wound up losing their lives: 

Lord forgive us.

 Human trafficking . . . our own border problems . . . and the interminable  wars that drive people from their homes, often into the hands of  traffickers — aren’t big issues in my daily routine. 

But, just in my neck of the woods: 

In 2021, the most recent national hotline data available from Polaris, 175 human trafficking complaints came from the District, with 44 proven cases. In Maryland there were 751 complaints with 118 proven cases, and in Virginia there were 583 complaints with 143 proven. Nationally, there were more than 10,000 trafficking situations that year with 16,500 likely victims. D.C. Labor Market and Human Trafficking  

The size  of today’s displaced persons’ “issues” suffocate. Howsomeever, I am not too old to learn something and do something.

Psalm 55 is like breathing into a brown paper bag, restoring my breathing.  

And James reminds me to put my time and money and prayers where my mouth is —

 Whew . . . Some days I really feel like it is me fiddling while Rome burns.(See Proverbs 24:11-12)

“Imagine how much you’ve got compared to all the kids in the world getting blown up or starved, and the good you could do if you spent half a second thinking about it. 

Suddenly evil isn’t punching people or even hating them. 

Suddenly it’s all the stuff you’ve left undone. 

All the kindness you could’ve given. 

All the excuses you gave instead.

Imagine that for a minute. 

Imagine what it means.” 

― Daniel Nayeri, Everything Sad Is Untrue 

silent witness

Such a Good Read!




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