Sometimes a girl just needs a haircut, and I can understand why Ms Pelosi may have bent the rules to have her hair done! Enough already with the tut-tutting!

Speaker Pelosi  and I may not have much in common, but I can sure sympathize with her wanting a haircut!

It’s been quite a spell since I had my hair cut.  Even the grandkids kinda stare at me.

For heaven’s sake, I’m even posing for my own paintings of owls!

White hair wafting all about and horned-rim spectacles  floating above a mask  . . . the only thing I don’t say is “Whoooooo.”

haircut(I say what a lot because my hearing is older than I am.)

Doug bought himself clippers and did such a good job on himself in July, he still doesn’t need a haircut!  He’s offered to give me a hair cut but I declined.

Maybe Ms Pelosi’s husband had offered to cut her hair with his new clippers and she was desperate!   Face it: we all are getting a little desperate in these times and our own brands of hypocrisy are as common as a cold!

The one bright spot in today’s reading J.K. Rowling’s reason for returning a prestigious award. (J.K. Rowling Gives Back a Kennedy Award ) Her reason is the most eloquent defense of an important principle:

[N]o award or honor, no matter my admiration for the person for whom it was named, means so much to me that I would forfeit the right to follow the dictates of my own conscience.  

Thank you Ms Rowling for the simple and forceful reminder:

A well-beaten path does not always make the right road. A Latin Proverb

While I am waiting for my next haircut, I am going to follow some good advice:

I can keep doing the next thing while I wait in kindness. ~The Frugal Girl


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