In some ways, I feel we never left Maryland. However, when I remember that we spent  three months of this year sorting and sifting so much STUFF  I wake up from that delusion.  We’ve kept at the purging. A lot of clutter and treasures and books will soon be serving in other homes, I hope. (Thank you Vietnam Vets!) Now it’s time to showcase the books that made the cut.

The Showcasing

I have put my remaining books – friends I cannot share — upon shelves – the location of which has taken weeks to decide. So, I know where to find my art books, the literature books, and the Maryland books that kept me company in Texas. Some Texas books now keep me company in much the same way. I even know where my cookbooks are! (Not that I saved enough kitchen stuff to master many of their recipes.)

resting place for friends

A resting place for friends

Best of all, I have enjoyed sorting and arranging the books I hope our grandchildren will like – and that I like rereading.

As I sorted, I laced the boxes that hold children’s books with a pack of small playing cards (Just right-sized for little hands), a miniature etch-a-sketch, paints, a few games and little stuffed friends . . . just to make their corner feel special.

books collage

Sorted, Sifted & Showcased!

Here’s hoping I planted fun seeds for happy memories! Because for now sowing seeds and planting in the the garden(s) is only in my imagination!

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ~Charles W. Eliot

PS: You might like to see where I was August, this time last year. I had no clue what would unfold within a year, and I am grateful God doesn’t change.

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