Her comment startled me — the young independent voter who responded to a reporter’s inquiry about which Presidential candidate she supported. “I am listening to each one, and what they are offering us.”


Well sure! I am listening for a voice of common sense and competency and compassion– one who offers stability.  And I wouldn’t mind good looks and a good sense of humor, too! But that candidate isn’t running. So, it’s tempting to indulge a critical spirit – joining a chorus of kibitzers who heat the air and darken the national mood.

A friend sent an antidote, a quote from Paul Tripp:

If you mourn the fallenness of your world rather than curse its difficulties, you know that grace has visited you.

Mourning well describes how I feel when I read or see how crazy, confused, and mean our national dialogue is becoming.

In days like these, it’s easy to abandon hope. But when you’re ready to give up, look up.( Jim Denison)

It is alarming to see how quickly some candidates and commentators have abandoned common sense, courtesy, and compassion; it is embarrassing to admit how quickly I can, too! I can forget what the Lord has shown me is good. It is not what a political candidate offers. It is not my personal peace and affluence – it is me t doing what is right, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God (Micah 6:8)

I believe the Lord can change us so that we can continue contributing to others’ welfare – instead of seeking our own interests over our neighbors’. My prayer is for God’s people, the church, to live this day the Gospel of grace. And that includes me: Leave the pity party, and do something constructive!

PS – When you vote, this reminder is an encouragement:

Politics and Prayer: Who Has the Real Authority?

PPS: The 24/7 news cycle and social media keep me stirred up. So, I am watching a lot of GOLF – a recommendation from Doug’s brother-in-law: it’s always sunny and not a lot of commentary.

what i can offer in this year's election is more than my vote

What I Can Offer in This Year’s Presidential Election is More than My Vote

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