An A, a B, and A Big C


A cup of steaming black coffee in hand, while I listen to Bach for Breakfast, and read a familiar scripture: Be still and know . . . (Psalms 46:10)

Of all the commands the Lord makes, this is my go-to one to ignore. 🙁

That’s not that surprising.  I grew up steeped in the culture that said, I Am A Woman. It’s sad, though, that my default response can sometimes still be, I got this, when  I don’t.

An unforeseen blessing of coming to terms with time  is my accepting now I don’t have the strength, time, or imagination to run much more than my shower.   Well, I am not that puny; but large and in charge isn’t the best role for me.

That said, I am ashamed to admit how fast I forget Martha’s story. (Luke 10:40-42)



That is, until I see another Little Miss Bossy Pants commandeering duties that are not hers and moaning about how no one helps, or cares.  Then, I remember:

Mary shows me sitting and soaking in Scripture pleases God.

Martha, too, continues to teach me, by her example.

Learning to make better use of her time, prepared Martha for a tough time, when her brother died. (John 11) In the wake of Lazarus’ death, Martha had stopped running the kitchen, and her sister’s life, too.

John said she believed Christ, followed His command, and saw the glory of God in the depths of her grief.

My life’s grand opportunities may be narrowing a bit; but my choices aren’t. I can make better use of the time today is. We both can, dear reader!  This day is not ours to run. So, let’s make a good choice!  (Especially in an autumn’s garden!)

If we will not withdraw from the things that obsess and exhaust us into solitude and silence, He will leaves us to our own devices. He calls us to be still and know
~ Dallas Willard



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