Staying upright and steady is an ambition that has multiple levels of meaning in my autumn’s garden. 

A fall — and I don’t mean just the seasonal one — but the unexpected trip, stumble and tumble — is a game changer.*

staying upright and steady

Nowadays staying upright and steady is more than a simple ambition —it’s my prayer for all those whose decisions affect our lives— and those lives in our care. 

Keep all folks who have responsibilities to lead, guide and protect upright and steady, Lord.

Israel’s 9/11  and its aftermath . . . is also a game-changer —changing my prayers —my thoughts — my words.  In the growing horrors, some moments I feel like I have been knocked off my spiritual pins . . . again. 

And then I tell myself: 

Snap Out of It — you are only reading or hearing about these terrors; they aren’t happening to you . . . yet. 


Seek the Lord while He may be found,
Call upon Him while He is near. (Isaiah 55:6)

  It’s the best way I know to steady myself, and not sideline myself.

It’s a good time to read Scripture — aloud, and listen to the help that you hear.

Psalms, like 88, help. So does Psalm 131. 

Ask God for understanding; He will help!

 Now is also a good time to sing —

Music help  helps me stay upright and steady. How grand stability is a click or two away. Hope these encourage you, dear reader!

Is He Worthy?

Rock of Ages 

Look at the World 

But Oh! the ache when I think of the children —what are we doing?

Sometimes the best way for me to stay upright and steady is on my knees. 

Kites, 1936 by Ethel Louise Spowers (Christa Zaat, Facebook)

God forgive us —we are without excuses.

I believe You hear Your people sobbing — Psalm 145:13-21

Don’t let our tears turn our hearts to stone and our minds to evil—

Open our eyes to see your Hand — our ears to hear your voice; in your church, first, please.

And please Lord, keep me — and those I love upright and steady — literally and spiritually.

staying upright and steady

Kneeling helps my balance.


*OH No! OH No! OH No! OH No!

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