I had hoped I would have many sunflowers from seeds this year. Not only have we enjoyed them in previous years, this year I wanted  a gazillion. 

So, I bought several packets of different varieties, and a friend gave me a packet of  fancy sunflower seeds, too, knowing my passion.

I planted them all just weeks after the Russians invaded Ukraine.

from seeds

How my Garden Grows in July

Seeing the first bloom was a hearty little tonic!  I hope many more show up as colorfully. ( I need the inspiration!)

Sadly, though, this is the summer my new geraniums are not flourishing.  I have had to divide and repot at least three of the new ones!  One  geranium  plant from last year that did prosper was the one that made it through winter in the garage. 

But I gave that one away — to our daughter. 

from seeds

Survived in the Garage this past winter!

Another heart plant also survived the garage — a Gerber daisy.  it’s been blooming its head off. 

from seeds

Some plants are from seeds

Then, the cannas surprised me —they just BURST out . . .  and made quite a spectacle of themselves.  I transplanted them in spring of 2021, and they went MIA, only to roar back this year.

Also, the lavender is wonderful!( report the bees.) 

As July unfolds, the colors are bright and planting profuse— including four or five newcomers to out humble beds— grown from seeds our grandsons gave us at Christmas. 

But I’m having a hard time reading the labels I so carefully made for these plants.

Who knows? Next year, if the Lord allows, I may go crazier with MORE seeds, skip the labels and await the surprises. 

 For happiness one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair.– Anne Morrow Lindbergh

These sunflowers from seeds, etc have been welcome surprises —  reminding me that stopping to smell the roses is not wasted time. Unless the roses are knock-out roses. They are beautiful but many have no fragrance.



Inspiration for a canvas Selfie from the Garden of Bright Images


I find that when I act like the person I wish to become, the person I am tends to grudgingly follow along. ~Robert Brault



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