Taking our walk today, we noticed many small delights, and pondered a few deep thoughts.

First, even though the day is gray and muggy, many trees seem finally to be aflame with color. The reds and oranges are mood enhancers I wish I could market.

They looked like flames from a distance on our walk.

They looked like flames from a distance on our walk.

We walked on – enjoying the opportunity to see nature’s fall departing and the Dallas’ Christmas Light Show arriving. We took care lest we tripped on uneven side walks, or stepped into “calling cards” that careless pet owners permitted – I avoided three such piles. What were they thinking?

What are any of us thinking when we leave messes for others to clean up?

Next I spied new signs – or ones I’d never noticed: WRONG WAY and Do Not Enter. Seriously, I had never seen them before. Well that’s also a chapter right from my great American novel — I never saw the sign, Officer.

Signs I have missed seeing. Seriously

Signs I have missed seeing. Seriously

Yeah, right.

Onward we trudged, enjoying the sights of autumn leaves collecting on Christmas trees and holiday lawn decorations.

Finally, about the deep thoughts we mined: Doug commented history seems to repeat itself, because we rarely change.

I heard a maxim the other day that was a Mennen Skin-Bracing Moment: If nothing ever changes, nothing changes.

Me, who bemoans all the change I see going on, saw change differently.

Every breath I take is a chance to change:

  • to let go of stupid habits,
  • to get over hang-ups and
  • to seek healing for hurts – those I have suffered, and those I have inflicted.

Every breath I take is a chance to change: I can pay attention to signs – quit pretending I didn’t notice them; start obeying them, even though I feel entitled to do things my way.

Every breath I take is a chance to change: a chance to wonder . . . to enjoy, and to be grateful, which means seeing myself right-sized on a planet in a galaxy, within a universe — that is pretty amazing considering I have trouble keeping flowers alive.

I am like an ant – an OLD ant — in the grand scale of things – maybe smaller. We all are, dear reader! But God notices ants, and doesn’t despise them for their smallness (Proverbs 30:24) And He warns us not to despise the day of small beginnings. (Zechariah 4:10)

Let’s make a change dear reader – even a small one:

  • Take that walk –
  • Look around; see what you can see.

Thank God for the moment of peace and wonder, and pray for those who are in hard places . . . by their own choices, or because of calamities they cannot control. And maybe then we can offer them a cup of cold water, or a meal, or visit them. (Matthew 25:36)

Staying busy over the Holidays can take on a whole new meaning, huh?

Me recording a simple truth.

Me recording a simple truth.






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