My Mirrors of Blurry Days

I didn’t think I looked that bad, until a mover – maybe a minute older than our grandsons – asked if this were going to be my last move. Whoa! Since all the mirrors have been packed, I could only imagine what that young man saw.

I laughed and shrugged, but made a point to look for comb.

This past few days of moving are blurry . . . so I am glad a mirror could not reflect my feelings, fatigue, and frustrations. It seemed the more we worked, the more work loomed; I could not focus! When five thoughts collided with four chores, it felt like my old brain was an enormous cataract blocking out light and hiding words.

Ever feel that way?

However, on the last day, a Texas breeze kept us cool as the movers emptied the house — a decided blessing, since some July days have unfolded with no air moving whatsoever.  Then, meandering  around the yard for a last time, a long stemmed pale pink rose seemed to wave – one of the prettiest that’s bloomed recently, with the gentle fragrance no rose cologne has ever captured.

This couldn’t be coincidence! Everywhere I looked — away from the stacks of those brown boxes — I saw sweet goads to keep moving.

The support of friends and the kindness of strangers have been incalculable treasures – gentle, persistent breezes in my life, leaving a fragrance I wish I could bottle!

If I never move again — or move within the year, I want to remember just how far the Lord has brought us with their help!

Keep us in prayers — we are hitting the road, and God willing, nothing else until we reach Maryland.

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