We are again happy guests, this Thanksgiving 2019.


Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds. ~Theodore Roosevelt

All we do is show up and make polite conversation. That’s no trivial assignment though in these crazy times.

I will practice selective deafness, and God willing, pause long enough before answering for fellow guests to forget the topic. Yep—we are dining with seasoned citizens!

Sadly, some stores are opening late in the afternoon Thanksgiving so shoppers can get a jump-start on buying stuff most of the people we know and love do not really need.

Forty-eight million Americans are still paying off last year’s debts!  This startles me- the girl who never wanted to pass up a bargain!

Meanwhile, we received an update from dear friends serving in the Bahamas: Covenant Life Presbyterian Church.

So, I am heading into the holidays chastened.

How quickly other peoples’ “troubles” move off my radar! Yet my friends remain engaged with hundreds of people who had to evacuate their homes – who have lost everything when a Cat-5 hurricane lingered for 36 hours.

The Bahamas  sustained losses of over three billion dollars.  And theirs is not the only hurting  nation! Just google natural disasters 2019!

BTW last year we spent seven hundred twenty billion on Christmas. No wonder some of us are still paying our credit cards!

Is there any Black Friday deal that would be better than giving just a bit to relieve some neighbors’ suffering?

People are giving and volunteering, our Bahamian friends assure us.  Please pray for the local church to be good stewards and hosts.  And too pray for their health and strength as they follow God’s leading for the long haul.

I am grateful for people who put their lives on the line . . . who love God and the people He entrusts to them, especially this Thanksgiving 2019.

Speaking about their accomplishments, and not my opinions about stuff over which I have no control just might keep others from selective deafness when I open my mouth.

I might even get another invitation to another great meal.


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