Thanksgiving 2020 and the Twilight Zone

Thanksgiving in 2020 reminds me of episodes in the Twilight Zone when the astronauts, recognizably American, found themselves on foreign planets, in quarters remarkably like ones they knew on earth. Just a few details were different, like bars of the windows and doors. (The Episode: People Are Alike All Over)


Some days I can relate to those astronauts, imprisoned, away from all they once took for granted.  Being separated from so many sure feels like a scene Rod Serling could have written this Thanksgiving 2020.

Whine over.

I read on Facebook the turkey techniques that some friends mastered; I mastered the art of reheating leftovers this thanksgiving.

Our daughter’s in-laws celebrated their Thanksgiving on Wednesday, and she divided the luscious leftovers with us. We had enough turkey for Doug to carve, and enough potatoes, stuffing and gravy for me to keep the microwave going for thirty minutes.

Thanksgiving 2020

Memories were the best part of our celebration

Whoa: 30 minutes from refridge to table – quite a difference from the first dinner I cooked in 1978. (Thanksgiving Banquets I Love) Remember when not eating too much on Thanksgiving was a new worry? Me, either.

As much as I liked the deep fried turkey, I LOVED the carbs packed into all the sides! (except for the sauerkraut) For over 18 months I have been zealous to watch those empty carbs.  We haven’t lost much more weight, maybe a pound – but neither of us has regained the weight.

Exercise Before and After Feasting

It was a TWO –walk day, by the way; we had the sun in the morning and the moon at night.

thanksgiving 2020

from the Garden of Bright Images

One plus in all the deficits of this Thanksgiving 2020 was the weather – reminding me Dallas weather, which was almost  Seventy and Sunny.

Reading that old blog post, a quote resonated, enveloping my  heart:

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~From the television show The Wonder Years

So, the memories of so many fun times with family and friends were a grand centerpiece of our celebration.  As was the reality that clean-up did not take hours!

thanksgiving 2020

from the Garden of Bright Images

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