Well, we had our 2019 Thanksgiving dinner at noon because that’s when our host, my brother, reserved a table at senior living facility.  The buffet was delicious – the more so because I wrestled no cold bird into a hot oven at the crack of dawn.

Really: being a guest is a great blessing.

The spread for us was a thoughtfully organized banquet, delighting health conscious older folks and their feast- loving guests.  Even the deserts had been arranged mindfully; from sugar and gluten free treats to moderate slices of dangerously delicious pies and cakes.

A quote from William Blake summed up  a few improving habits for this dinner:

thanksgiving dinner

Yes, this was my plate.

It was one of the quieter Thanksgiving meals in recent memory. It’s hard to get too racuous when we were all so busy chowing down on a healthier menu than I ever created. We reminisced, and kibitzed., and enjoyed a moment that will be a fond memory.  (Fifty Years Later I Still Know the Words)

Thanksgiving is possible only for those who take time to remember; no one can give thanks who has a short memory. ~Author Unknown  

Lord, increase our capacity to remember the good done to us, and for us; and may we return the favor.

This has been a rough week for some friends and family — two unexpected deaths, a serious health setback for another friend. Perhaps it is the awareness of these burdens that sharpens my focus and appreciation of simple pleasures.

Always something to be grateful for, right, even with tears in our eyes?  Especially for this Thanksgiving dinner.

this thanksgiving

Holiday Greetings!

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