For the first time in decades, I did not dread the annual physical, and its obligatory weigh-in. No, I am not at the ideal weight the charts say I should be.

I never was!

The only time I came close to my ideal weight was in 1979, when I followed a strict diet; so restrictive, I lost so much weight in 6 weeks that the doctor insisted I be tested for TB!

The recent holidays did not derail this continuing adventure which is not a diet. In fact, I even made a little more progress. But, we are still talking ounces per week.

Nevertheless, our routine continues and may have become if not a habit, an attitude of commonsense and moderation toward food: that it is fuel, not a best buddy.

Also, I am still working for commonsense and moderation toward exercise. Face it, January and February’s cold days are about as inviting opportunities for walking outdoors as August and September were. My chair beckons — no, it cries —  for me to settle in for a nice long spell, giving me time to hear some siren calls from the kitchen. ( Temptations)

Yes, I could go to the gym . . . and use their  treadmills . . . 


Did I tell you about one of the last times I went to a gym in Dallas? It was late afternoon, and both men and women were using the equipment.

Possible Oxygen Depletion!



Well, I tried to be as invisible as possible amongst the mixed group that included mature and young men, as well as one or two stalwart ladies of a certain age. It wasn’t hard; especially when a gorgeous young woman entered to begin her workout. Her outfit ensured she’d have no trouble cooling down.   As she tied her thick blonde hair into a ponytail, and began some stretches on the treadmill, I mean, I heard the oxygen get sucked out of the room as the men in back of her had a clear view of her flexibility.

I can’t risk such sudden oxygen depletion again. Not at my age, right? So, I need to be super careful about gyms . . . and exercise choices, like hot yoga. Therefore, I am

Restating my resolution for my 2020 exercise program:

annual physical

repeating myself for a reason!

So, how are you doing? 

Thank God for the wherewithal we have  to take a deep breath, and see the sun shine, or snow fall, right?

Oh yes . . . and thank the Lord for the visual acuity to read expiration labels. Doug spotted this. It didn’t taste like it was a hundred years old! 🙂

annual physical

Grateful 20/20!

 In God we trust, all others we virus scan. ~Author Unknown

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