The best laid plans of mice and men  often go awry. *

A plan in this first quarter of a new year was to get an exercise bike for those days when the weather argues against walking. 

A friend who know me well commented, when she heard my plans: it will make a great clothes hanger!. 

That’s why I planned to put it on the sunporch!  

I talked Doug into a reasonably priced bike and spent a few hours tidying up the sun porch to make space. However, we discovered  that as our grandson assembled  the stationary bike, it was missing a crucial piece—the front support bar. 


Who knows when it will arrive —if it will arrive! Best laid plans, eh? You pays your money and you takes your chances! 

So using that stationary bike until the part arrives would be less safe than dodging recycling bins on an icy day.

Therefore, for now, I will be careful not to mistake the uncompleted bike for a clothes hanger, and I plan to keep walking  . . . and making better food choices.

 After all that bike is not meant to be a facilitator of bad but tasty food choices. ( Did We Really Gain Weight During COVID?)


An unexpected benefit of Bible study!

I really did — so:


Do not get on the floor without a plan to get back up!

A bear, however hard [s]he tries,
Grows tubby without exercise…
~A. A. Milne, “Teddy Bear,” When We Were Very Young, 1924


No, I did not gain it all back — but enough to make some plans! LOL!


*To a Mouse (see link for English translation)

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