Best Laid Plans Change

Plans going awry might be one way of describing our day. We thought we were going to Dallas on an exceptional June afternoon. Until the flight was canceled, those were our best laid plans. But mechanical problems in a big old jet upset them.

However, being thwarted on a beautiful day like that one was okay. Having organized myself out of any possible duties, obligations, or responsibilities meant Doug and I had nothing to do but wait in the breezy sunshine as a gracious friend retrieved us from the airport.  Once home, nothing to do but relax.

How could anything possibly upset me?

Yeah, well: Twenty-four hours previously, though, the computer generated voice at a local pharmacy upset me.

Answering a computer’s questions is about as much fun for me as trying to get service set up with an outsourced service rep.  (I Did It Again) Of course, the other day’s weather was muggy, hot, and rainy – weather does contribute to craziness. (The Surprising Way Weather Affects Our Moods)

But the real reason I lost my charm with a computer that would not connect me to the person I wanted unless I answered what IT wanted to hear, was predictable.

The Real Charm Robber

Doug and I had just finished compiling all the papers to exit this life and not leave a boatload of unsorted problems for others. (Of course, as I reached into my bag for a pen, I pulled out a reminder that not all our valuables could be listed!)

Reaching for a Pen, I Retrieved a Laugh!

It wasn’t quite the same as Scrooge beholding his own tombstone in A Christmas Carol. But close enough.

The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you’ll grow out of it. ~Doris Day

And when I do the math . . .

No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow. ~Euripides

So, yes, as we were preparing to leave town, I was a wee bit tense.

The next morning – having lived through another change of best laid plans – and learning how quickly an unexpected storm changed the best-laid plans of hundreds of thousands of Dallas residents, I learn again our times, plans, are in God’s hands. (I am always in a remedial LIFE class!)

Mechanical problems, storms, personal conflicts, troubles, and even blessings will bushwhack our dreams and plans. Computer-generated voices can blow sky-high my agenda for remaining calm and composed!

Death is an even bigger game changer. Wrapping up the decisions we did this week highlighted the elephant in the living room. But,

If you spend all your time worrying about dying, living isn’t going to be much fun. ~From the television show Roseanne

Having a few extra hours – 24 to be specific—with nothing pressing or ponderous – was a blessing – even fun! Rest was something I had not included when planning for our departure!

Here we are in Dallas, finally and thankfully. Updates follow, God willing. That storm on Sunday was a mighty mean one –Debris and power outages remain!



. Quoted from The Quote Garden 


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