The Week Ends

I love Fridays — but I am startled how fast the first Friday of this new year arrived. Seriously.  I am still recovering from the shock of how fast 2023 ended.

I remember, it was Labor Day, and then BAM! it was Thanksgiving, and holy smoke, everything is over and I am packing up the few Christmas decorations I put out even before Epiphany! 

Somehow, I wanted a cleaner slate.


A good decision to put Christmas away except for the tree.

Not Everything Ends

Except for the tree; I left our artificial tree up. Because, we still need a little Christmas.

And the music — I haven’t put all my Christmas CD’s away.  I am listening to them as I write. They are like musical lights turning on many happy memories.    

For some reason I thought of Anna and Simeon. I am glad Luke put them in his  Nativity narrative. They  show me that God made a way to bless and encourage an old man and an old woman in their dark times — and ours.


Anna and Simeon meet their Messiah  

 Even though our decorations have been partially packed away, I am hanging on to the gifts of  Hope, Love, Joy and Peace that I believe the Lord lavished on us — Sometimes they were wrapped up in packages I didn’t want to open —but there they were. 

More light than we can learn,
More wealth than we can treasure.
More love than we can earn,
More peace than we can measure,
Because one Child is born.
Author Unknown

As the first week of 2024’s ends — Happy beginning of Epiphany . . . Sending love and prayers dear reader as we both unwrap the gift each day is 

Lord Jesus, on the church calendar, today—January 6th, is the day many Christians honor as “Epiphany.” It’s a celebration of the inextinguishable light of the Gospel breaking into the pervasive darkness of our world—the day Bethlehem’s star led the “wise men” to eternity’s King . . .
~ Scotty Smith


Always a wise decision.*


*Mary Engelbreit

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