As this pandemic continues, the learning curve continues, and seems to lengthen. How teachable am I willing to be?

This time last year, I anticipated a learning curve because of the shock of COVID-19

continuesQuarantining, masking, social distancing, vaccinating, etc — these are behaviors my mother never taught me, nor did I teach our children, So, I learned 

“Avoid crowds, stay 6 feet apart from unvaccinated people, hang out with small groups of vaccinated friends. For now. This is not forever.” ~ (Your Friendly Neighborhood Epidemiologist)

Whew! I hope so–‘cuz the learning curve continues

I  have learned not everybody agrees that the virus is real, or the science behind public health “mandates” has been reliable. This makes for interesting conversations . . . sometimes.

Many Americans are divided over our rights as citizens and the responsibilities of citizenship. 

I am so grateful for those who donned and still don a mask out of deference for other’s well-being, and for those who have taken the vaccine in the hope that we can mitigate suffering, reducing the load our medical profession is bearing. 

 As our state, Maryland, emerges from some of the social restraints, the learning curve  has  deepened; news from Brazil and India testifies that COVID-19 has not run its course in the world, nor does it respect borders.

An Indian scientist framed the dreadful portrait of Indian suffering: 

“The major factor in the spread of the virus is the behavior of the people. Spread of the virus is largely because of us not taking care of each other. Variants are just taking advantage of our carelessness,” says Rakesh Mishra, director of the Indian Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology. (my emphasis) (National Geographic)

At the beginning of COVID, Pastor Tony Evans gave some good advice that makes sense  still, even after 425 days later. (mas o menos)  

Worry is when the situation is controlling me, dictating my well-being.
Don’t permit legitimate concern to become illegitimate worry.
Look for spiritual truth in the midst trials: physical, and medical.
Crises can create caring! (Calm and Crazy)

Here’s hoping in our rush throughout America to return to pre-pandemic good times,  we have learned that going the extra mile to protect each other and ourselves from an unseen virus and its variants is worth it.  

learning curve continues


 God can use you whether you are on the left side or right side of the street. (Jerry McFarland, a former pastor and friend)

And trust me, as this learning curve continues, middle-of-the-road is a useful place too! 

* What Did You Learn in Quarantine? 

Another handy Help for the Learning Curve:

Divine Guidance, a teaching series by Dr. Glenn Parkinson 


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