It’s the Middle of June already. 

This has been one of the slowest starts I’ve ever had to get stuff planted. It isn’t the slowest — there have been spring growing seasons I did zip, zero, nada.

In a burst of energy last week, I traveled to a local nursery and took advantage of their seasonal reductions. I paced myself . . . only purchasing a dozen plants. 

 But, it’s taken me a good week to get the bargains in their pots — I still have a few more to pot.  It’s amazing how root-bound a marigold can get in those four-packs. I only killed one . . .

I have been gardening at night — that is after dinner; I love the longer days. Mindful I am of the hose, and other tripping opportunities.


Painting has preoccupied me, even though the weather has been wonderful. I listened to C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity: A Biography by George Marsden, and returned to a place —  on canvas– I wish I could revisit — Joann Scott’s studio on Mill Creek.

Doug like this because no goldfish are being hunted.

A friend stopped by and selected several of my paintings, and that made me feel great!  Another friend texted to say she likes my cards! So, forging ahead seems like a painting plan, for soon it will be too HOT to garden.

mid -june



Recently we watched a movie I commend: Loving Miss Hatto.

Released over ten years ago, the movie introduced me to a young couple whose winsomeness is disarming. Their  real-life choices in the early 2000’s, as computer technology took off,  spun a tangled web worth watching. (This  link  to a 2007 New Yorker article,  “Fantasia for Piano: Joyce Hatto’s incredible career” might whet your appetite. )

Reflecting on how C.S. Lewis created beauty and gave hope, and how Miss Hatto and her husband used musical technology to aggrandize themselves is keeping my little gray cells firing. 

Lewis said our biggest problem is our pride; the film Loving Miss Hatto showed why. The upside is the technology that helped plunder  others’ music, can reveal the skullduggery.

If you get a chance to watch it — I’d value your thoughts.

mid june

the first Black-Eyed Susan of 2023. (no skill required)

good will librarian

Or painting or vegging I answer the Good Will Librarian

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