The pandemic goaded me to paint an owl that looked like I felt! Will Rogers shows me 2020-2022 isn’t the only hard spell Americans have had.

It was one of the first little paintings I did back when I thought the pandemic would last maybe a couple of weeks. Somehow, that little critter has become like a self- portrait! 

pandemic owl will rogers


The owl has the most rare and unfathomable wisdom in his face of anything on the top side of this green earth. ~Josh Billings

But no owl recently  has  shared all that wisdom it allegedly has. 

Heading into a third year of interesting times, when a little wisdom would be welcome, I know less about more things than I could have imagined! 

Everything is Rocket Science!  And I am no Rocket Scientist! 

That’s why I am so glad for the mantra, Keep It Simple, Stupid! 

In these times, seeing other folks’ denial and defiance of conventional wisdom and common sense, lights up my memory banks. I remember my own propensity to deny and defy.  

What I see in them, I have seen in myself. 

There is nothing as easy as denouncing. It don’t take much to see that something is wrong but it does take some eyesight to see what will put it right again. ~Will Rogers (1879–1935)

I wonder what Ol’ Will  would say he sees that could put right all the the pandemic, etc., have broken? 

It isn’t just the economy, any more. 

One wants recovery to start from the bottom, and the other wants it to start from the top. I don’t know which is right. I’ve never heard of anybody suggesting that they might start it in the middle, so I hereby make that suggestion. To start recovery halfway between the two, because it’s the middle class that does everything anyhow. But I don’t know anything about it. Will Rogers

 Oh dear reader: Do you see some middle ground — some staring points — to put things right in . . . the church? Or, your family or amongst friends? 

pandemic owl will rogers

from Celtic Christian

For now, I have come to believe that if a power greater than I can restore me to sanity, He might be able to help us all — at least those with the courage to ask. 

The number one question  I can forget to ask — because I am so busy telling God what He needs to makes others do —  is  What is YOUR Will . . . for  me? 

It isn’t being in charge of others.  (The Serenity Prayer) 


pandemic owl will rogers

Do you see the resemblance between my OWL and me?

One of the ironies of these times — my owl might observe —  is depending on a face mask MADE IN CHINA for protection from a virus that probably originated  in China.

pandemic owl will rogers 

But, it should be a reminder to reach out instead of looking down when others are watching the weeds grow up through their dreams. (Rowdy A. White, Facebook)

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