The resurgence of COVID-19 through the Delta variant daily reinforces old stumbling blocks —specifically information overload.  


Information or MISinformation overload?

And confusion. ( Delta is more contagious than Expected )

How on earth are we back where we were, with lots of sick people, overworked healthcare staff, overloaded ER’s in our nation’s “hot spots”and other hospitals suspending elective surgeries for now? (See the DMN: Two Hospitals Temorarily Close ERs Becauseof COVID Surge) 

Who’s right? Who’s wrong? What do I do? (Hint: Psalm 139:23-24)


Simple Answers aren’t Easy

 One of the Stumbling Blocks: Politics 

The health directions were simple — did we really need to be told to 

  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your distance
  • Mask Up in crowds
  • Get vaccinated.

Apparently so; for the politics of the pandemic  were not so simple.  

The last two suggestions aggravated all kinds of  divisions between Americans and amongst Christians. 


Businesspeople Arguing in Meeting — Image by © Max Power/Corbis

 Most Americans—including many Christians—are no longer letting new evidence change their views or their actions as it relates to COVID-19. Positions about whether to be vaccinated or wear masks have become solidified, and even politicized, to the point that few are willing to change their opinions, much less how they live their lives. ~ Joe Carter, What You Should Know About the Variants


That’s discouraging. If new evidence won’t change our minds in a disturbing, deadly resurgence of COVID, what will? 

As the doctor in the article above stated: [COVID] ain’t over until it’s over.  Sure looks like this ain’t over by a long shot.  

Who knew I’d be cogitating on the same bug for over a year? 

 Here’s a link to a podcast that underscores having a pulse  especial in a pandemic has a real purpose: The Now and Forever Kingdom. 

Maybe we’ll find some new directions?


Still Painting on the Porch

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