This year’s sunflowers lasted until the last day of summer; autumn arrived with a sunny chilly fresh burst.

tail end

the Tail End of 2020’s Sunflowers

This time last year, we were coming through a hot dry patch.

In fact, in September of 2019 we were in what I learned was a flash drought. It’s one reason last autumn was not full of lush colors. Maybe this year, the early chill and rain will bring color.

Of course, warm weather will return; I switched out the closets today, and hauled out the quilts.

I have painted again a few favorite subjects: wilting red roses, the cat fishing for goldfish and imaginary flowers and their reflections.

Yes, I am feeling a wee bit wilted . . . I bet you are, too.

tail end

But red roses nevertheless remind me of happy memories; just a little worn.

Matisse’s cat just makes me smile, albeit as  Charles Addams makes me laugh.

tail end

recurring subjects in close to EIGHTY paintings!

The imaginary flowers . . . well, it’s just fun to see what colors do when laid alongside one another, especially on dreary days.

Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. ~Pablo Picasso

The tail end of September and the beginning of Autumn 2020 came too fast — just when I thought March would go on forever. It startles me, reminding me to use my time wisely . . . and choose kindness in crazy times and art, because I can.

tail end

from the Garden of Bright Images

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