This First Day

This first day of September is a quintessential one — cooler and drier and brighter than those as August waned. But, I needed a wee-bit of incentive to get moving.  I am so not bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to scamper into a new season.

I feel like I resemble the flowers in our beds — a little the worse for wear! LOL 

From a distance, they look kind of OK — but getting closer, our plants are waning; going to seed if you will. 

this first day of September

Hello BLUE Skies!

the first day of September

I haven’t kill the FUCHSIA! (yet)

Providentially, a Facebook post renewed some motivation and redirected my focus when weeds are multiplying.     

As is often my bent, I see more weeds in the garden than wonders.  Her words motivated me to look beyond the seemingly increasing limitations in my autumn’s-garden and see that the Gardener is still on duty especially in September!  (Isaiah 58:11 ) 

Beloved, I just want to tell you that the fear, or insecurity, or challenges that you are walking through today are NOT bigger than God. It often FEELS like nothing is bigger or stronger than it.


My memory is held in the palm of His hand!

My balance is held in the palm of His hand.

My bones are held in the palm of His hand.

My organs are held in the palm of His hand.

Because I am held in the palm of His hand. He’s got me. And if He chooses to delay my healing or the deliverance from my circumstances… HE IS STILL WORTHY OF MY PRAISE! And He is still faithful.

Hold fast to Him tonight knowing that HE’S HOLDING YOU FIRST AND TIGHTEST!! ~ Kate Megill 


I hope these words refresh you wherever you are enjoying this day!

 This first day of September

this first day

Nor have I lost the Marigolds! (yet)

BTW: This first day in September is also a bitter anniversary — an anniversary the poet W. H. Auden captured in his poem, September 1, 1939.




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