This time last week, we were in the ER, imagining what the diagnosis of COVID would mean for the upcoming week.

I thought I’d have time to paint and read  and nap . . .  and then I took a a little test. 

this time last weekWhew . . . 

It’s the puniness that is most annoying. I couldn’t wrestle a dust bunny! 

Well, the cough is ugly, too. 

this time

fortunately, this is the only Amaryllis we have . . . waiting for others to bloom!


But starting the fourth year of  Covid, hey — I know: just deal with  it.   

Lots of friends have walked down this COVID path and shared sympathy, prayers and COVID combat experience — this was the best!

Gratefully accept whatever help is offered . . . It’s a bit of a humbling reality check to be on the receiving end rather than the “taking care of and giving” end. 

And we were offered some great kindness and help from our daughter who has brought dinner every night and our son who checks on us.

The good news is Doug and I are almost out of the woods. Hopefully, we can avoid unexpected returns. 

I started Wendell Berry’s essay, Life is a Miracle —He wrote it in 2000, and so far it is a timely inquiry, asking  

What kind of religion science is, and how it works as such, are questions we will have to deal with. (page16) 

 I also am listening to Liz Chaney’s book . . . it’s hard to revisit all she describes, especially since we seem to still be living in the fall-out from January 6, 2021. 


Because this time this week, my brain fogs over more frequently than it did the week before, I am also staring blankly into space many times throughout the day having forgotten what I can’t remember before take another nap! 

 Be careful out there, dear readers  . . . the Variants  of COVID-19 are many and varied. So,   

Wash your hands and disinfect your thoughts. ~Daniel G. Amen, M.D., 2020 March 16th


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