Looking back to this time last year, in my journal, I have some impressions, given the times that are today.

This time last year I was way more productive; listening to several books, and completing several paintings — I rarely left the sunporch. 

Productive as I was, though, I don’t relish the prospect of  a viral resurgence that might curtail the adventures I am enjoying. 

An observation I made last year about the disturbing number of natural disasters, the spread of COVID and discord, is true for this time this year. Forest fires and floods; an earthquake in Haiti, and a man-made disaster in Afghanistan . . . I am just grateful I have a sunporch to which I may repair! 

I am even more grateful because a few weeks ago I tamed some of the creative craziness that was overtaking the order that should have reigned.  In the ring with me was a sweet grandchild —her enthusiasm and ingenuity motivated me to keep at the chores of sorting, rearranging and disposing of tools whose time had come. 


Seriously — it IS tidier!

I wonder if Monet let his grandkids loose in his studio?  (Recollections from Claude Monet’s Grandson) Or, Matisse?

The motivation for this housekeeping spree was hospitality.

Our [former] midshipman home we knew from decades past was visiting us with his family and son  on the first parents’ weekend after Plebe summer at the US Naval Academy — this stirred up more memories than dust bunnies. This time last year, such a reunion would have been have been tricky.    

So, the memories from that summer afternoon are as luscious impressions, albeit, framed as they are in the uncertainties unfolding this year. It feels more uncertain that last year!

A good impression is lost so quickly… (Claude Monet)

Speaking of loosing a good impression

We watched a movie on Prime,  Wodehouse in Exile.”  It was a satisfying, well written and produced movie showing  a few sad chapters in a talented and popular author.*  And, it was also a cautionary tale: words matter. 

A writer can be too clever for their own good, especially in uncertain times.  

“Cleverness is not wisdom.” ― Euripides, The Bacchae

“If put to the pinch, an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness. (Get Out or Get in Line, 1928)” ― Elbert Hubbard, Works of Elbert Hubbard

Certainly true this time THIS year!

*P.G. Wodehouse’s Exile from England

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