Needlepoint Clutter

Clutter and how I wrestle with it is a recurring topic on this blog. Whether it is  clutter in the home, garage, or yard, I win some and lose some. But I confess to a clutter mission as difficult as sorting photos, and that is my needlepoint projects.

Now, I picked up needlepoint in January of 1970. I hoped needlepoint would help me stop smoking. But I learned I could do both.

Eventually I stopped smoking, and I have completed several canvases. But I have accumulated quite a stash of unfinished canvasses – and so much thread!

So, when Netflix aired a whole series of Tidying Up I tuned in, hoping for motivation.

While I watched the families on Tidying Up make hard choices, I thought about the contents of a needlepoint bin on the top shelf of a sort of tidy closet. They started hailing me – “Yo-o-o-o-hooo, Let us keep you company while you veg in front of your DYI shows . . .”

I ignored their pleas, because a wholly different set of canvases were chirping in the sunroom – Turn off the television and come paint!

After binge watching several episodes of Marie Kondo help so many clients oppressed by their possessions, I was worn out, and too tired to sort those joy-givers in needlepoint bin.

Is this a first world problem or what?

But, as I was getting my strength back, I remembered estate sailing in Dallas, and the lessons I learned visiting some of the more posh places in Dallas.  Seeing so many personal possessions valued, sorted and tagged was like seeing Ecclesiastes2:18-26 in living color.

On one of our adventures, I saw a display of so many unfinished needlepoint canvases and baskets of wool and threads. A few were appealing possibilities.

I felt joy!

But why take on another woman’s unfinished projects when so many of my own await completion – and may one day become a cheerless part of our own “estate” sale?

My unfinished projects are not the equal of the estate sale display – but perilously close.

You know you are getting old when it takes too much effort to procrastinate. ~Author Unknown

Maybe I need to teach our grandkids to needlepoint and sort wool.  They have certainly make quick work of several painting  canvases!


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