Ah – the soggy heat that kept us low and next to AC vents and fans has lifted; more slowly than the forecasters predicted. But today I kept the windows open until noon. Quite a change from last week.

Today’s respite meant I had time to garden, reflect and remember another unexpected delight, before the reunion of old friends. Let me explain.

This time last week, we were meandering about the Eastern Shore; visiting a cousin (in-law) who is ginning right along at ninety, and then enjoying crab cakes with friends in Oxford, before the party began. (I asked for broiled crab cakes, and skipped the fries for a side salad.)

But I was worried. So worried was I, I could not sleep.

We had reserved a room for Doug at a lovely inn – a refurbished old building in Oxford. It was large: three floors up; no elevator, and no central air, but powerful units in each bedroom.

Do you know how steep and narrow staircases can be in a 19thcentury building? Forty years ago, when Oxford was a destination spot for us, steep steps never fazed us.

What a differences a couple of decades makes.


An Unexpected Respite

So I fretted through out the night: soon I would be off on a gala good time, leaving Doug alone, in physical peril I couldn’t quit imagining. Seriously, I went from one scary scenario to another. Nothing like my imagination minus prayer.

Worry isn’t prayer until I share it with God. But, I kept it tight in my clenched little fists.

The next morning early, and running on empty, we prayed for a solution. Doug’s comment was let’s be willing to play the hand we were dealt.  But then he hadn’t been up all night imagining what the next 48 hours could bring.


  • turning things over – letting go and letting God have the hot mess our prospects were,
  • eating a good breakfast and staying hydrated, and
  • asking the hotel for a room change

changed the name of game.

Because their “suite” was not rented for the weekend, they offered it to us.

Dumbfounded, yes, I was.

Your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them ~ Anonymous wisdom

It’s no accident that the prep for the weekly Bible study was Isaiah, chapters  46 to 55, is it?

How are you doing, gentle reader? I hope if you have time, you will read what Isaiah wrote – especially if  the days are uncertain. Sometimes, it’s good to read a reminder of One who can handle the joys of “maturity.”

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