This Hydrangea’s Offering of Optimism

An Hydrangea, transplanted but now thriving teaches me.

Nothing says summer better in Maryland than a blue hydrangea. (And blue crabs – but that’s a subject for later) This one bloom is courtesy of  one in our daughter’s yard — a survivor that has itself been transplanted about her property, and lived to blossom.

Could there be a lesson, here?

Both of us have survived serval transplants — The hydrangea is as an old friend telling me buck up and bloom. Even though it has been, it delights.

Of course, looking past the flower, I see the yard . . . and everything that is not there yet. So, I ’d rather look at the trees; towering, lush . . . until I start thinking about how many leaves we will have this fall.

All this seeing makes looking for the next box to unpack almost fun. Where are those box cutters?

When I am anxious it is because I am living in the future. When I am depressed it is because I am living in the past. ~Author Unknown

Lesson to rememberChange is not an anomaly and it doesn’t diminish usefulness. (See the Book of Ruth) But obstinacy will. (Anomalies in This Year’s Garden)


A view from our former kitchen window — An Open Window Kind of Day

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