Triggered is a new adjective that covers a multitude of sins, one of which is turning away from what might be on God’s agenda for me today. And it describes perfectly what happened to me on a recent shopping jaunt! 

Intent on enjoying some retail therapy I hastened into a favorite haunt, one to which I have only recently been able to return.

A sign at the entrance warned only X-number of people could maintain safe social distancing. Good enough, but no one there was counting. 

Triggered: Oh! No!

The euphoria of the bargain hunt faded as my eyes focused on the substantial number of bargain hunting shoppers, many chatting on the phones or amongst themselves in languages I could not comprehend, and most were unmasked. 

Now Maryland has had good COVID-19 numbers, unlike several other states whose vaccination rates are down and Delta numbers are up. So, I’d relaxed my COVID conscientiousness a lot until then.

But, this Delta variant brings with it  some scary variations — and scientific minds are learning on the fly, sharing what they know and don’t know.  This doesn’t build confidence. 

What we know for certain is we are not quite certain what the next few weeks may bring. For the time being, then, I have may have to rein myself in a bit, rethink some adventures, and mask up and ditch the attitude.


Lose the Attitude

“Ideas that require people to reorganize their picture of the world provoke hostility.” James Gleick, Chaos: Making a New Science

So, the retail therapy excursion triggered the memory of the many months spent quarantining.  And I felt fear, resentments and hostility bubble up — 

  • Who are these people?! 
  • Where did they come from?  
  • Why are they being so . . . so . . . nonchalant and saying stuff I can’t understand?! 

When triggered . . .

Girlfriend! Get a Grip!

This resurgence of COVID because of this variant is like a pop quiz to see how well I’ve retained what I learned in the pandemic. Given my recent reaction, perhaps a review is in order: 

WHEN I am triggered by people, places or things, remember:

 Life is hard enough; don’t be difficult I say to my reflection in the mirror. Patsy Clairmont

Worrying about what I can’t control is like living in a rocking chair: a lot of motion but no momentum. 


when triggered

Getting over a few pandemic hurdles did not mean the race is over; the finish line is never in back of  the runners. If I am tired of masking and keeping my distance, how is the rest of the world doing?(!)

So, I’ll put the mask on and try to be part of the solution and not the problem. 

Help me, again, Lord, to

  1. Know that I am not in charge, You are. (Psalm 50)
  2. Think through the conflicting news, and understand the times. (Psalm 31)
  3. Serve, love and pray for those with whom I disagree, remembering You washed Judas’ feet. (Matthew 5:43-48) Grateful and Worried

If news of a COVID resurgence triggers you, you might like to see my notes of lessons learned from former posts. I think I may need to review them, too.

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When triggered


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