On Our Evening Walk — a Familiar Smell Stopped Us

We have begun our regimen of an evening walk, lengthening light and weather permitting. Just as we started to pick up our pace, a familiar scent stopped me in my tracks. We had walked right past the large bush, until I caught a whiff. I looked and saw a towering lilac – wow spring bloomed fast this week !


A Whiff of Lilac: Renewal!

It’s been years since I’ve smelled fresh lilac. I had forgotten its arresting power. Lilacs do not flourish in north Texas. Maybe this was part of a late welcome back to Maryland committee?

A fragrant whiff, a flash of color, and longer twilights – each are a harbinger of what spring is –renewal.

Renewal Means Work, Too

So, getting those newly acquired geraniums potted was necessary! Somehow, breaking out the potting soil and tools – getting my hands dirty is restorative. And up to a point the old limbs don’t complain!


Geraniums Make Me Happy

I don’t know what geraniums smell like, but their familiar brightness is good for my mental health.

The visuals of God’s  handiwork this week have been swift; color has exploded everywhere I look:  red bud trees, pink cherry trees and dogwoods; tulips, too. It’s been a refreshing display! Even the dandelions look pretty against the green of new grass.

Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world. ~Virgil A. Kraft

If spring shows the Creator’s handiwork, then Easter shows His heart.

Spring says the dead of winter didn’t win – Hey, I discovered a hardy geranium I planted in summer’s last blast made it through the rough cold weather that winter was. Easter says the fear of death doesn’t win, either.

But from this earth, this grave, this dust,
My God shall raise me up, I trust.
~Walter Raleigh

A Special Invitation


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