The exercise bike’s missing piece — actually the stabilizing front bar- arrived and have been secured! Of course it has a little “dashboard”that tells me how fast and far I am biking. It also tells me how many calories I am burning.

Do you know how long I had to “cycle” to burn sixty stupid calories?

A lot longer than it took to consume them!

Eat sensibly, and remember the saying, “A second on the lips is a lifetime on the hips.” ~Saying, c. 1930s 

How true a truth . . . 

Getting  on and off the bike, I also became conscious of a new reality. 


Hopping on and off anything —including the sofa and especially an exercise bike — is itself an exercise — in caution. 

I need to think before getting on or clambering off the bike. The tile floor upon which it rests might not be so forgiving if I visit it unexpectedly.  

So much more I need to think carefully about . . . like where I put the milk. Because a pantry cupboard s smack beside the refrigerator  I need to think: 

  • Did a light come on? 
  • If I don’t see a light, don’t put the milk in a dark place. 

As this year’s Lenten Roses are emerging, I need to think about getting the front bed tidied, and maybe splurge on some plants and flowers — some varieties that will weather August in Maryland.  

That is so much better to be thinking about than worrying about misplacing the milk or Ukraine!

Here I am making out a grocery list, realizing I am almost holding my breath. Is this how other old ladies felt when Neville Chamberlain declared his strategies would win peace with honor? 

I wish I could say such deep thoughts are the reason I get is distracted. 

No — as a small child can get distracted by wonders as all their sensory circuits are engaging, I get distracted because some of my circuits are disengaging! 

“As soon as you feel too old to do a thing, do it.” Margaret Deland 

So I am pedaling — on the exercise bike for

“Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” Edward Stanley  

And I’m dreaming how this year’s garden might grow. 

 I remember years ago my Texas friend gave me porcupine eggs . . . wonder if they could grow in my garden? 😉

Only in Texas — Porcupine “Eggs”

Well, maybe only in Texas.

a little daydreaming

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