There we were, in our first traffic jam  in over a year. We hadn’t factored traffic into our ETA ! For a year Rt. 2 was always almost empty!  Weird was how it felt.

Well, the whole day was weird . . . we both felt under so much pressure!

We had three simple chores to do that day and only 8 or 10 hours to get them done.

This time last year, as appointments, dates, and trips slid off our calendars, we found we had all the time in the world to do nothing. ( Sounds of Silence)

And we have had a year of not needing to plan anything!

Now, with the lowering of positivity rates for COVID, and the increasing numbers of vaccinations, we are thinking about making  a few more appointments than just with doctors. I might be in another traffic jam!

That’s weird, too.

This means I could start thinking about planning . . . Then a friend reminded me if I want to hear God laugh, tell Him my plans.

traffic jam

These will keep me out of traffic jams!

But I am going slowly.

After all 2021 will be the summer of cicadas and murder hornets.   That might influence my travel plans.

At the back of my anticipation of a few more dates, or even trips, though is the unhappy understanding that these vaccines won’t make the virus go away. They are a protection, a defense against something I hope none of us catch.

I am still convinced God has us in time –out to teach us, perhaps to reach us. It has not been an unprofitable time even as it has been sad and painful.

So, for awhile longer, I can’t just plan my way back to wide-open safe spaces or places where crowds won’t make me nervous. (COVID surge in Europe: Cautionary Tale)

Human behavior is the major factor in spikes or surges, Johns Hopkins reports. SURPRISE!

In areas where fewer people are wearing masks and more are gathering indoors to eat, drink, observe religious practices, celebrate and socialize, even with family, cases are on the rise.

Here’s hoping in the next weeks we can behave better and do the right thing.

It is comforting though to be able to say, I was in a traffic jam . . . it’s still weird though.

In the meantime, I learned a great expression from one of the innumerable British murder mysteries we watch: Quit Whinging. (Especially if I am caught in a traffic jam!)

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