First: I am glad I have updates from the porch!  I am grateful for so much — even change which is as disconcerting as ever.

Second, I [still]  have NO idea where time is going. (Time Flies)

I bet you don’t either if you are a seasoned citizen! (LOL)

The clock strikes one that just struck two –
Some schism in the sum;
A sorcerer from Genesis
Has wrecked the pendulum.
~Emily Dickinson, 1883

If you see the summer of 2022 zipping by, tell it to slow down . . . as long as the AC holds, that is. 

Reading Updates from the Porch

My companion on the porch  this week has been  King George V and his family.  I am listening to Never a Dull Moment.    Listening to the  biography — with the benefit of knowing how many the troubles King George faced  have worked out  —is bittersweet.  

I reading The Hidden Wound by Wendell Berry; an essay assessing the wounds that American racism  has exacted in whites. 

No, it’s not about white fragility! 

But the author captures how unspoken habits, attitude, and words can affect people. I grew up in a time with echos of a few  similar experiences.

Whether you agree with all he writes, Wendell Berry is quite a wordsmith who made me think. I would welcome your opinions.

Painting Updates from the Porch:


It’s a mess — but the fans work!

What I am [still]  painting is elephants and geraniums. Oh — and owls; can’t forget the owls.

I hear OWLS are not such innocent cute critters.

Yes. I am, repeating subjects . . . but them t’his the season!  

“Again I find that I have anticipated and reached the autumn before I have finished with the summer…” ~Kate Trimble Sharber (b.1883), At the Age of Eve, 1911

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