So, the revised eating regime chugs on, cheered on by our doctor who confirmed the following: that

  • adding lean protein, more “greens”
  • cutting white stuff, and
  • upping the water intake

showed up favorably in my blood work. (The Annual Physical Wasn’t So Dreadful)

However, as pleased as the doc was, he urged me to keep on making wiser choices because the fat lady hasn’t finished her aria.

No, I am not being self-disparaging! Just keeping it real. I’m still not quite so toned nobody knows it’s me. In my mind, though, I see myself as more slender than full length mirror reports.

The good news remains; my clothes are no longer shrinking in the dryer.

Therefore, even after nine months, I agree with the doc: what she — this  cute  little old lady in the mirror — needs is to keep moving.

Consequently, I’m glad I replaced the fitbit just after Christmas. I’m now on my third.

One of the little doo-hickey buttons snapped off the former replacement. Apparently, even a recovering couch potato can wear out an exercise tracker checking more often for the step count, than actually doing the stepping.

My idea of exercise is a good brisk sit.  ~Phillis Diller

Which led me to a bit of research: How many steps per day do I need to improve my health?  A few more than my tracker records; but feasible.  Here’s the CONSUMER REPORTS answer.

Since I am not going to reduce anymore calorie intake, I think I heard the doctor say, then I may need to increase the amount of exercise. But, I am not sure. My hearing isn’t what it used to be . . .

eating regime

I consider my refusal to go to the gym today as resistance training. ~Anonymouse Wisdom

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