The past week was full of urges and splurges, and some bits and bobs which I share dear reader to encourage us both!


When the last Saturday’s urge to remove, replant and repot motivated me to refresh outdoor plants, I noticed some indoor plants were languishing; specifically the Christmas cactus.  

As I transferred it, I discovered not just root-bound issues, but drainage issues. No  wonder it looked poorly!

Feeling like the Florence Nightingale of indoor plants, I placed it in a clean NEW pot  and covered it with dirt and cactus soil. 

Then,  I worried I might have stressed poor plant unnecessarily, after a  friend who also likes these hardy plants, sent an informative article, Christmas Cactus Care:

“. . . Be sure to avoid repotting during the flowering period (which is typically November to January), [the author] adds, to minimize stress on the plant. . .”

Oh Great! 

Overheard: “Yes, I have learned from the mistakes of others, but mostly I am self-taught.” ~  Robert Brault

But wonder of wonder, a few buds appeared! Maybe the plant was more glad
for a bigger, drier home than dismayed by the shock of moving? 

This plant had been living in the same pot for several years  It’s been a survivor–and, Lord willing, the patient will live, inspire of the nurse!


It LIVES! So far


Ambling through the farm store this week, I spied that bulbs were on sale —tulip bulbs being chief.

I never think about planting tulips in time . . . and frankly the squirrels are such adept hunters and gathers, I haven’t thought it was worth the battle.

But one of the men in the store shared his secret of thwarting those critters.

Who knew squirrels detest daffodils; can’t stand the smell of them!

He told me to plant daffodil bulbs in with the tulips. ( Helpful link)

So, I saved money and bought lots of bulbs. 😉  And added another chore!


Take that Squirrels!

High hopes I have for a small corner of the back flower bed, come the spring!

Bits and Bobs

Also, I hope that the new winter pansies will prosper. I added to my chores by buying  winter ornamental kale . . .


One more planting chore

I was going to transplant them into the pot the geraniums occupy — but they are LOVIN’ this fall weather! I may need to just make an executive decision — and retire them — for the winter— Something that has never worked. 

A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself. – May Sarton (2014). “At Seventy: A Journal”, p.53, Open Road Media

Last week, when in the repotting frenzy, I discovered this tiny viola that had lived thorough last winter, and survived the summer under shady leaves of a pink, potted geranium. Just look at its delicate design:

bits and bobs

God’s fingerprints

As this gardening season is waning, I came across some advice from a favorite gardener and writer, Richardson Wright

Go out by yourself, face the wind, hold up your head and thank God for this gardening year. 

You know . . . that’s a better use of my time than trying to make sense of the times. And I might have more time to plant the kale and bulbs! LOL

bits and bobs

Thanking God for His palette — and eyes to see and enjoy

Other places Richardson Wright has refreshed me– links to the places I’ve cited him: Book of Days for Christians

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