So, I am venturing forth, yet I might still freak.

We have attended church in person, had dinner with family; Doug actually went into a restaurant a with a friend! Plus, I went to IN-PERSON Bible study! (Reading aloud 1 Timothy and Titus with friends, I see how I can pray in these continuing crazy times, dear reader.)

Yep—living large.

Why would I freak?

Apparently, the South African variant can break through the “protection” the Pfizer shot offers. And China admits its vaccines are not all that effective.

Would freaking help?

No . . . but, I am tempted.

Then, I remembered a question: How has God been faithful this year?

venturing forth

Just Ask Myself

Yep — sometimes I need truth to be written on the side of a building!

For however stress-full these past fourteen months have been, the God of my understanding, Christ, showed up.*

Specifically, social media, which has brought TMI, also connected me to worship and wonders that calm my anxious thoughts.

One preacher quelled the fears accompanying our venturing forth:

Grace is the wild card in any hand we are dealt. (Pastor Clent Iderton) 

Venturing forth, I might well freak, mindful the “deck” I carry may not always be full.

Consequently, just for today, I am counting on the ways of His Faithfulness as I learning new ways to number the days. (What Are You Being Today?)

So we and all things pass,
And God endures beyond us. Yet he cares
For our brief lives, his loving tenderness

Extends to all his creatures, our swift years
Are precious in his sight. In Christ he shares
Our grief and he will wipe away our tears. ~ (Malcolm Guite,  A Response to Psalm 90)

venturing forth

So I don’t freak, I still paint.

*Cue the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: How Many Times Must I Prove to You I Love You?

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