Hello March!

You are a double-minded month that holds tight to both winter and spring, and in these early days you are showering us with snowy sleet, and chilly gray skies.

I’m not complaining – as if you could hear me. This time last year, on a sunny day you roared through and knocked out our power!

Peg Bracken summed you up, dear March:

lean month
mean month
branch all bare
rag mouth
hag mouth
curlers in your  hair
(The I Hate to Cook Almanck, page 59)

But you also bring daffodils. So, all is forgiven.


I am a bit double-minded this month too.

Mementoes from celebrations just past linger.  The Christmas wreath, and a set of window candles are still up and glowing, and the Valentine flag still flutters.

Why waste batteries, or wrestle with a flagpole in cold soupy weather? Plus, a reminder of love, romance, hearts and flowers, is a good thing.


Indoor Plants LIVE!

What’s more, the 2018 poinsettia and Christmas hydrangea live!  Another miracle memento is  the Christmas cactus, now three years old, survives!  In addition, a straggly IKEA plant lives too in its perfect pot that pleads, Please Don’t Die!

 Not that I will win any awards, but, I am glad to finally master a few gardening tricks. A little water, consistently applied, and a gentle dose of sunlight are tonics for plants and people.

Learning to be kind and useful — offering a little cup of water, or being a bit of sunshine in these days — sounds old-fashioned, doesn’t it? Not to the one who is thirsty or lost, though.

The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost. ~G. K. Chesterton

So, welcome you month of memories and hope; come August, Lord willing, I’ll remember these chilly days with longing fondness. See an earlier post: August: It’s Dog Days Can Still Be a Delight.


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