We have gone quite awhile without rain; this time last year, we were sick of rain.

September was wetter in Baltimore only twice during the 20th century, and twice in the late 1800s. (Baltimore Sun, 10/01/18)

I don’t remember that.

Which is why keeping a journal continues to be a good use of time. Skimming over last year’s entries, now I remember that last September!

The weather wasn’t as upsetting as the news of current events. Now I remember I was as sick of the news then as I am today (Oh! How I wish I could DROWN out the News!)

Whew . . . My memory banks are like Monet’s paintings later in his life.  Days, weeks, and months run meld; leaving a pleasant impression, and few discernible details!  Would that my later paintings were more like Monet’s, than my memories, right? (An Exhibition of Monet’s Later Paintings)

But, one thing I remembered clearly. I noted this time one year ago:

I can’t recommend what I won’t do.

It’s one thing to have a bunch of good advice based on life’s lessons learned. However, it is better to be living proof the advice works.

For example, I recommend an article cautioning Christians who jump into conversations in the public arena. Here’s the gist:

Joyful Christians are not nitpickers. They’re not looking for reasons to be offended. They aren’t hypercritical. They are known for grace. Why? Because “the Lord is near,” Paul says.  ~ Trevin Wax

This advice applies to all conversations, public and private. Old Christians need to let it soak in, and get over all the reasons we nitpick and take offense, forgetting “the Lord is near.”

Well, I do anyway.

Am I judging someone with a checklist I myself have breached?

I don’t need a journal to remember my inconsiderate, puffed-up, badly informed, and silly ways.  Sometimes, rereading hastily scribbled daily notes reminds me of the GRACE I enjoy – not just from God, but others.

Extending a little grace because “the Lord is near,” is a better advice than freaking out and becoming a reflexive critic when life (a.k.a. other people) isn’t dancing to my tune.

I wonder if moms should consider His closeness as they shepherd their kids. I ask this as   someone who is still learning the hard way to remember that the Lord Jesus is present at all times.


What Did I Forget to Remember?(!)

You see, I am a recovering nitpicker, who has frequent relapses. Some of them I keep to myself. However, nothing can put me in a funk faster than detecting lapses in other’s conduct and conversation.

Maybe moms can relate?  (Minor Prophets in My Home: How Children Reveal Our Idols)

Discounting that “the Lord is near,” and that HE has a better plan, wasn’t a good use of time raising kids, and it sure is a waste of time at this age and stage!

So, I can’t honestly recommend remembering His closeness if I choose to keep forgetting it.

Adapting to my age and stage what Kevin DeYoung advised parents raising kids, works for me. It’s what I need whether I am puttering around my autumn’s garden, or enjoying grown-up kids, and their sweet kids. It’s also a good reminder for being wife and friend.

The world doesn’t depend on you being perfect . . . So do what you can, be grateful for what you have, and pray like crazy. ~ The Great Parental Freak Out

I hope I remember.



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