Our taste buds are recalibrating as we are both continuing on an eating plan that eliminates empty carbs, fat, and white stuff whilst adding more lean protein.

No, we are still not exercising as much as we might.

I know this because of a travelogue,  “Footloose in . . . “  many European towns.

Whilst my easy chair beckons, I watch a delightful travelogue taking me to places on my bucket list.  But, it also urges me to move more, just in case we get lucky and find ourselves walking footloose throughout Europe.   (Whilst – what a wonderful word.)

The very British stars do not imitate Kevin Beacon; but they do walk enthusiastically through places like the Cotswolds, Italy, Austria. I mean they walk miles, or, rather kilometers; of course, they are two decades younger than my traveling companion and I! But their pace reminds us, should such adventures ever land in our laps – we’d be out of breath, or worse!

Whilst, we keep up a daily walk, the travelogue underscores we could try a smidge harder.  It’s the travelogue wherein I picked up whilst  . . . Alas an American saying whilst doesn’t fool anyone. So, I am writing it, lamenting my exercise deficiency.

So, whilst you dear reader might be wondering where this entry is going, let me get back on track.

I got my knickers in a wad when this recent headline got my attention: Fat Shaming Doesn’t Need to Make A Comeback. (Opinion)

“Bill Maher . . . came under fire for saying, ‘Fat shaming doesn’t need to end; it needs to make a comeback.’”

Whoa . . . Bill. What part of that is a good idea?

Suddenly in the light of this glaring gaffe, I saw that shaming – majoring on personal inadequacies, my own and other’s, is a risky response to “failure.”

I am a frequent flyer on the guilt trips shame promotes – extravagant indulgences of time and emotions to places not worth visiting!

Feeling shame about gaining too much weight in recent years is an unwelcome emotional response to a problem I still have the power to solve. Shaming myself may get me to pass on a bag of chips; it will not guide me into maintaining healthy choices!

And we are never too old to make better choices about many things, food included!

Yes, I was unhappy with my size, worried about my health, and embarrassed a bit I was using food for comfort. Nevertheless, the food I wanted was more persuasive than even several doctors’ suggestions that I amend my habits.

At my age, amending  — changing — anything more complicated than the cable channel is huge.


Whilst time flies, I am losing stones!

But change continues; the scales are declining, whilst we are eating tasty foods, sans sugary, salty junk food. I feel better! Especially when I remember to hydrate and keep moving!

So, Mr. Maher, whilst you are entitled to your opinion; you are not entitled to facts that do not support how to help people amend their choices! Nor, are we.

Most of us who have gained more than a few pounds know the reasons. Some of us cannot do anything about it. (Why Can’t I Lose Weight) But, we all need to be willing to change, what we can, just for today. We also need good information about how to make those small, daily changes.

Mutual support and encouragement are good to have, and offer. Way better, they are than shaming! Fat Shaming does not need to make a comeback – it lives in my head!

Look at you – you are still SO fat!
You are so out of shape, a walk will not help!

No, shame just opened the door for more excuses. Now, my excuses may sound reasonable, but not a one of them could change my behavior.

Yes, I am smaller than I was in April. But, I can look in the mirror and see work remains!  I have a ways to go to reach a reasonable BMI, and shed maybe a few stone(s)– stone sounds lighter than pound. (The travelogue reminded me of that great word too!)

whilstMaybe you, dear reader, need to make some changes, too. But, possibly you hear a niggling voice reminding you of other inadequacies, failures, and problems. Let me offer a silencer: this prayer on overcoming SHAME that I pass along:

Dear Father,

It’s nearly impossible to imagine the day when there was no need for the emotion of shame. In their innocence, our first parents were absolutely free of any need to turn away from your gaze, or that of one another. There was no need to fear, cover up, hide, pose, pretend, get defensive, feel guilty, make excuses, blame the other, want to disappear, do penance, numb out, medicate… or try any other broken attempt to deal with the disintegrating effects of shame.

It is only in you Jesus, that we now find hope to deal with both our guilt and our shame. For in light of the joy set before you by the Father, you endured the agony of the cross for us, scorning its shame-the shame of being made sin for us, that in you we might become the righteousness of God! (Heb. 12:22 Cor. 5:21). Indeed Jesus, those who trust in you will never be put to shame, for you took our shame and made it yours (1 Pet. 2:6), that we might know the present and eternal favor of God.

How can we EVER praise you enough for such love?

Therefore, Jesus, we cry out for freedom today-freedom in our ongoing struggles with shame-the shame we feel and the shame we give. Though our guilt has been completely taken care of by your work on the cross, Jesus, we still feel varying degrees of shame, and we act out in a variety of destructive ways. We vacillate between self-contempt and other-centered contempt, and both of these contradict and sabotage the very love by which, and for which, we were saved. Indeed, we need the freedom you alone can provide, Jesus. Bring the grace and truth of the gospel to bear in profoundly healing and liberating ways, Lord Jesus. All for your glory, we ask it… Amen!

Scotty Smith: A Prayer About Shame

Here’s to better choices, and better voices!

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