wrestlingHow well do I think I know what the Scriptures teach?

In a recent sermon on the LOVE God lavishes on this world, the pastor challenged us to write down five things we think Jesus said, and then test it with what the Scriptures say He said.

Okay, I thought, let’s see …  I think the Lord Jesus said:

Then, the pastor asked, why can’t people see the reality of Jesus the Christ?

I don’t know.

Well, yes, I might know.

Sometimes what I say I believe is not always how I live. Other times, fewer folks inquire, so busy they are with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness .

But more than our failures is a mystery why people don’t see the reality of Christ: the hope that God is not finished calling His own to Himself.

The beauty of these past few weeks – the Advent season — is music and art testify to this mystery that no philosophy can explain. Sometimes, for some, it is easier to reject it than wrestle with it.

Resting on what I know He has said, I recommend the wrestling.

Merry CHRISTmas dear readers!


What Do I Know About Christ?

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