What in the World Happened?

what happened

When you look at my unbreakable glass, you have to wonder what happened to shatter it so.  How many times did I drop it before its innards splintered?

In some ways, there is a kind of beauty – and symmetry. Doug thinks with the cracks it  looks better than new.

But, then he is used to me now.

what happened

Self-portrait, March 2020

The glass is not leaking, but I just wonder when it might crumble.

Note: I never saw any cracks until the sunlight highlighted them.  It’s startling what I can’t see unless light helps me see.

And I got to thinking of thee and me, dear reader.

I sure feel a wee bit shattered; how about you? Oh, I am grateful to be holding “it” together, but I can’t promise I couldn’t instantly crumble if we get more blows!

What has happened thus far?

  • Covid-19 and its variants, then,
  • The summer of 2020;
  • A Presidential election that revealed TMI about too many Americans,
  • An insurrection and an impeachment, Senate Votes to Acquit Trump– WORLD Magazine
  • Confirmation of a prominent ministry’s refusal to stop a sexual predator, You Are One Step Away from Complete Insanity~ David French) and
  • Now a colossal failure of the power grid in Texas, because of a polar vortex. WAIT:
  • This just in: an EBOLA outbreak declared in Guinea !

Not to mention so many emotional and personal “challenges” than never make the news!

How many times have we all been dropped this year?

All this as Lent* begins; You have to wonder how observing a liturgical season could repair our interior cracks!

The interior fractured in that plastic glass reminds me we are each dealing with stresses that aren’t so apparent unless we take a close look. Lent is a time for closer looks. Lent can be a time let go of stuff that lets me hide my splinters.

What once I did not understand about the closer look Lent enables, is now I will see those cracks, imperfections and weakness with a Friend** who’s got the power to heal, restore help me hold it together.

Lord, I believe; help Thou my unbelief! (Mark 9:24)

what happened

Starting; hope to finish this Lenten Journey 2021


* A Better Way to Fast: Isaiah 58:1-14

** Jesus, Friend of Sinners


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